Good Morning, Good MOOoooOORrning!

5 imaginary dollars goes to you if you can figure out which song I’m referencing.

It’s been stuck in my head all morning.


My okaasan (mom in Japanese) had her Nihon buyo (fan dancing) class yesterday in Venice or Downtown LA and went to the Japanese market! I love and hate when she goes because she always ends up buying more junk than real food (and then never eats it so my twin and I do -___-). Because lets face it, Japanese junk food is like the off contributor to America’s obesity epidemic. How they stay so thin is beyond me.

Anyway, if you’ve never been to a Japanese bakery you must go. NOW.

Not to be dramatic, but they have THE best breads and bread concoctions ever in my opinion.

This morning I had a tamago (egg) bread thing. I thought the inside would be like an egg salad, but to my surprise…

A whole egg was in there!

061413065415God my camera phone makes this tasty thing look so unappealing.

It was awesome. The egg was boiled in soy sauce or rolled in it… I don’t know.

It was small, but it actually really filled me up. Ususally I have to have like 2 other things, but I’m good. Portion control, stomach, good job.

Before I head off to my shigoto, (work) I forgot to post about what I got in the mail the other day!

061413075432Janetha from Meals and Moves hosted a giveaway and I actually won!

I never win anything!

Btw, if you haven’t checked out her blog yet you definitely should. It’s one of my favorite reads.

So something a little embarrassing: I’ve been pronouncing muesli like moo-es-lee this entire time. Since it’s a Swiss German word, I said it like how most languages would with the same vowel sounds of a, e, i, o, u (ah, eh, ii , oh, oo) and not like how us Americans say things  that sometimes don’t make any sense (the word onomatopoeia anyone?). Not sure if that sentence even made sense.

My sister laughed at me and said it was pronounced “myoos-lee.” I just looked it up and she is correct.

Well, you learn something new every day.



Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

This was definitely the theme and lesson of today.


I started out SO WELL. I had an egg white omelet with fat free cheddar and turkey deli slices and broc on the side. I was full for hours. I wasn’t hungry until much later around 1pm and I ate breakfast at 6:30 am! On another note, I’m really trying to work on intuitive eating since I over eat what seems all the time. I thought I got the hang of it today…nope.


Work was extremely slow today. I spent most of my time in the office playing My Vegas and Candy Crush on Facebook. Shhh! I really REALLY had nothing to do. Everything was done/ nothing was happening.


Even lunch was good– a citrus salmon filet with (the lettuce, tomato, and onion I took that were meant for burgers). It doesn’t look like a lot but I was really really full afterwards! That box, FYI, is a really small container not the big kind.


Dinner and a Movie… well half of one

Well, here’s where it gets bad. I worked from 9-4pm at one job, then 5-8:30pm at another (I have two jobs on campus). Since I had such a short time, I saw my boyfriend, but forgot about dinner. For some reason I thought our job would feed us. Anyway, I was hungry around 6am and that’s when I dove into the Nutrigrain bar in my office. I didn’t think there would be food at the movie event I worked tonight. My school does movie nights every Thursday and today’s movie was Brave. My work had to table although I don’t think we got anything accomplished.

061313202829I didn’t stay for the whole movie, unfortunately. My sister got off work at 5 and was already tired of waiting.

Anyway, there WERE 2 food trucks and I had a turkey sandwhich and french fries from “Meet n Potatoes” (so fitting for the movie).


I was starving and I didn’t know what time we’d be released so I caved in and bought it :/.IMG950862(1)

It was ok– I thought the turkey would be a patty, not just deli meat. I also didn’t know they’d be using white bread (scratch what I said earlier, maybe that’s why I caved). The fries were good though! Luckily a lot of people and randoms were helping me with my fries so I don’t think (?) I ate too many?

There was also kettle corn so I bought a bag…and finished it. I also had spam musubi when I got home. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!

061313202657This bag of colorful popped corn actually isn’t mine, but I just had never had these before. They were like Fruity Pebbles popcorn. Purple was grape, blue was raspberry?, and pink was cherry.

Random: Something funny…ok well not really, I was actually appalled when I heard it happened… my coworker’s boyfriend had laid out a blanket for the movie and he sat there while she worked the table with me. Well randomly she gets a text saying “a girl just threw up on your blanket.” She thought he was kidding. He wasn’t! I felt so bad and she was so annoyed, but it’s kind of funny now that I think of it.

Back to the main point: I really do believe it’s because I wasn’t prepared for the end of the day that I ended up gorging on other things. Sucks :(. I don’t even know if I’m on the Dukan Diet anymore. I will definitely pack my lunch for tomorrow. I get home early tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about dinner. And I get to go back to the gym. Woo!

In other news, check out this squirrel my bf found while I was in the bathroom! I called it the Quasimodo squirrel. 061313163612

Kind of hard to see, but that thing has the biggest bump on its back. I wonder if its a tumor. It was so cute, but I felt so bad for it! As I was kneeling down to take a pic it started walking toward me! It got super close. My bf backed away. Who’s the brave one now? 😉

WOW this is a super random post. Hopefully my posts for tomorrow are more organized.


Where to Start?

Where to start…

This post will be mostly filled with pictures so here it goes.


this morning were the rest of the almond/ flax pancakes I made like a week ago plus the Yoplait Greek yogurt. I know it’s not part of Dukan but I hate wasting food!

          061213073745  Dinner

was delicious sushi (and the legit kind with actual Japanese people making it) at this place near my house called Miya Sushi. We pretty much go every week. Well… my mom does.

061213203019 061213203531 061213204847 061213205252There were also (unpictured) miso soup, asparagus and mushroom…thing, eel/ tamago roll, green tea, and a teeny tiny fruit dessert bowl that they serve to everyone after they’re done eating. I shared all this stuff with my mom, but needless to say I was stuffed.

Binge Episode

veered completely off course of the Dukan diet. I have no idea what happened. I thought I’d be good today. I bought myself a Muscle Milk and that was going to be my post workout since I got off at noon and was going to workout afterwards. Well that didn’t happen. I ended up staying longer and this was staring at me the entire time.


If you can see, that is animal crackers, Red Vines, fruit jelly things, cookies (Smore’s Gold fish and Knott’s Berry Farm raspberry shortbread cookies), and a shit load of Nutrigrain bars. I know none of this is good for you, but it started with this061213111535Times like 3 and then just escalated to handfuls of animal crackers, like 10 shortbread cookies, 3 fruit jellies…yea. It was BAD. I definitely had a binge episode and I have no idea how or why it happened. I’m wondering if it’s because I was jet lagged… I don’t know but I don’t want it to happen again. Even when I got home I was still hungry and snacked before dinner. Needless to say, it’s embarrassing I can’t control myself. I’ll try to eat healthier tomorrow since I have a full work day (9-4 at one job, 5-who knows when at the other).

I’m happy I got to work out today though. I did a shoulders workout of the Jamie Eason phase 2 plan and did 30 minutes of interval cardio split between the treadmill, stair mill, and elliptical.



Like I said I started meat eating! Here was the first meal at Crocker Barrel (of all places, haha!) 3 eggs, tomatoes, and turkey patties.

060713123134 060713124243

Proof of finishing.

I’ve heard stories of people getting stomach aches after a long time of eating no meat and thankfully that didn’t happen to me. I did feel oddly light headed after eating the turkey patties but I have no idea if that was just because we had gotten like 4 hours of sleep and come in that day on the plane.

Like I had said in this post, people in the south give a shit load of food after a loved one passes.

FYI, these pictures are not from the same day. The desserts are grouped with the different food days though.060913190423  Southern food.060913190737

More food.060913194811Desserts.


Amish red velvet cake….mmm.061013135100

Even more food.061013142428

More desserts.

They pretty much cook with bacon grease, but it was amazingly all good. And I had more than my fair share (being on my monthly present didn’t help my ravenous appetite either) of both food AND desserts. My family can cook fo sho!

Every morning my sister and I would go out running (one day we actually went to a YMCA and did a chest workout though. The gym was small but interesting!) Not gonna lie though– most days I felt like crap and I’m pretty positive it was because of the delicious food. The humid air didn’t help so much either. Some of the days I would fuel myself with pre-workout grub.061113143104

Ever tried this? I’m actually surprised they have this there.

Here’s that one crazy cardio workout I told you about yesterday that I made up.

I pretty much wrote down every cardio move I could think of and made sure I got to 15.

Warm up/ active stretch for 10 minutes

Then do each move for 1 minute each

  1. burpees
  2. jumping jacks
  3. tuck jumps *
  4. mountain climbers
  5. skaters
  6. oblique crunch jumps (idk what to call it)
  7. high knees
  8. butt kicks
  9. jump rope
  10. star jumps *
  11. twist jumps
  12. jump touch (not really sure what to call this either)
  13. plank jacks
  14. jump lunges
  15. squat jumps/ squat jacks

10 minute cool down walk

The * denotes that we actually did jumping jacks instead. We were too groggy and my sister’s knees were hurting. Whoops, we’ll try again later.

Leaving Day

Not much to say here except that we were extremely sad to leave our family….

And this stuffed, once alive gator in this glass tank outside a gas station and its convenience store.

061113132857 And actual Dairy Queen restaurants! Not ones in malls. 061113152341The ride home however, I will not miss. I sat next to this big, burly man on the plane. I had to swerve my body so I could sit around him. That’s not a problem. It was his SNORING. Omg I have never heard someone snore that loudly in a plane ever! Within 1 minute he could knock out and just snore. I didn’t sleep.


Don’t know if you noticed my nails, but I painted them because my 10 year cousin wanted me to. They are “fuzzy” textured nails (they just look that way, but are hard)


From far away they look cute, but once you get close it’s not really pretty.061213083219Everyone keeps joking around that they’re ugly, but hey! I like that they’re different. Therefore I am not taking them off :).

WOW this was a long post but I’m glad to finally get that all out of the way. Thanks for reading… if you actually did.

Georgia On My Mind…

I just came back from a 5 day “vacation” from the great state of Georgia.

Although it was a happy time, it was mostly filled with sorrow.

My grandfather passed away on Friday, June 7th at 8:10 am.

As soon as my mom, sister, and I heard the news that he wasn’t doing well the day before at work, we got on a plane and flew out the next day. We usually take another flight from Atlanta to Valdosta, but there weren’t any connecting flights that day so we drove the 4 hours or so to my grandma’s house. As my grandfather’s health was rapidly declining, I prayed that we would get to see him one last time alive.

We were so blessed.

We drove around the bend and saw that the lights were still on. My family had so considerately waited for us to get there. We felt horrible, but they were just happy to see us. We walked into our grandparent’s bedroom and there he was laying down. We immediately burst into tears but wanted to hold onto his hands. Although he was mostly immobile, he was still breathing and we felt the light, tender grip of his hand. He knew we were there.

Since it was so early, many of us fell asleep on the couch. At 8am I awoke and heard people crying. I knew he had left us.

I’m not a very spiritual person, but I really do feel that he waited for us to get there and see him one last time. We had promised him the last time we were there (2-3 weeks ago) that we would come out on his birthday on the 19th. He was so happy to hear that. Unfortunately we flew in for another reason but I’m glad we did nonetheless.

The next night my cousin had gotten to a car accident. He was driving down the highway with his brother and our aunt and uncle behind him. A car was stopped dead center in the highway and my cousin hit him at 60mph. A few inches to the right and who knows what would have happened. It was truly a miracle. I can’t believe my aunt and uncle had to watch that right before their eyes. Anyway, I do feel that my grandpa had something to do with it.

We held his visitation on Saturday and funeral yesterday (Monday). Although dark attire and tears filled the room, it was amazing to see all the love and support he had from family and friends from all over. I saw family members I haven’t seen since I was 3!

Grandpa, you were such a strong and caring individual. Although we weren’t related by blood (grandmother remarried), you took us in as your own. Thank you for everything that you did for us and for serving our country in the navy. I know they can never replace someone like you. I know you’re watching over us and having the best life wherever you are. I love you with all my heart and will miss you every day.

Anyway, I know this isn’t a food/ fitness/ Dukan Diet post, but I just wanted to reflect on this before I completely forget. I’ll have you know that I did not stick to the Dukan Diet AT ALL while I was there, but it was completely worth it to be immersed in friends, family, and phenomenal southern cooking, than be the crabby grouch no one wants to talk to.

What’s really interesting that’s so particular to the south (I think) is that when a loved one dies, everyone brings over food to the family so they don’t have to worry about cooking. You can imagine how much we got– southern food galore! We even had to rent out an extra fridge. At least we got rid of most of it since so many people came over.

Anyway, I definitely over ate while I was there, but I’ll jump back on tomorrow since I am now in my regular routine (hopefully minus the jet lag). I don’t know if I’ve gained, and quite frankly I don’t care right now. I did exercise every morning while there though and I’ll be sure to post the killer cardio workout my twin and I did this morning.

I barely even touched my computer or used electronics. It was just nice to catch up and laugh with family.

Oh and the other thing? I ate meat. Video and pictures to come.

See you tomorrow and thanks for reading, friend.

Day 4 of the Dukan Diet (Start of the Cruise Phase!)

I woke up nice and early thanks to my cute, but slightly annoying barking dog. I fell back asleep, but ultimately jumped out of bed 30 minutes earlier than what I would have liked to. OH WELL.

I was pretty darn hungry this morning.


Guys, I ate vegetables today. I ACTUALLY GOT TO EAT VEGETABLES TODAY.

It is officially day 4, or the first day of the cruise phase so I can eat other things now! Yay!

This was supposed to be a cheesy omelet, but thanks to the “don’t use oil, use a non stick pan” advice from Dukan, they stuck to the pan. Scrambled it is. I also defrosted the broccoli and asparagus that were in the freezer. It was damn good. 060613074050

This big bowl of mini bell peppers have been staring at me for a very long time. I love bell peppers.


Turns out, I wasn’t exactly supposed to eat these. I’m only allowed to savor the green kind -___-.

I’m still a little hungry so I’m thinking of grabbing a yogurt out of the fridge.

Now I’m just waiting to hear from work to see if I can come in early today. And as last minute Rachelle, I still haven’t packed yet. Whoopideedoo.

Day 3 of the Dukan Diet

Update on the weight loss: I weighed myself for the first time today since I had posted…which was really not that long ago… and I lost 4 pounds! Of course it was probably all water weight, but hey! It’s still a start.

I woke up naturally early today at 7am so I went downstairs and made some breakfast!


Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my egg white and fat free cheese omelet so….yeah.

But I did get a picture of my coffee!


Then it was off to work at 10.

This pretty much sums up my day:060513105720

Building stuff for the metal cabinets and organizing. I am a handy woman.

Didn’t get to eat lunch again since I only had a 4 hour shift.


I got some not so good news about my grandfather in Georgia so I wasn’t too thrilled to do my workout today, but I knew that if I did it that it could help me take my mind off things. I did Day 31  of  Jamie Eason’s program and finished with 10 minutes of some easy cycling. (You may be wondering why I skipped Day 30 and it’s because I feel like I JUST did chest and tris).

My legs were particularly hard to workout today.

I still had some time before my sister got off work so I decided to get a post workout snack since I forgot my Greek yogurt in the fridge (a Quest Bar — not sure if allowed on the Dukan Diet but my school’s choices are lacking) and visited my other job. My tears and stress turned to giant smiles and laughs when I saw my coworkers. They were so happy to see me after 2 weeks of not being there (been in Georgia and working at the other place) and gave me hugs. I forgot all the pain 🙂

My sister got out early and we went straight home. My boyfriend came over to comfort me. Later I finally had the Yoplait yogurt.060513162600To be honest, it didn’t taste like Greek yogurt AT ALL, nor did it have a thick consistency. I’m not even sure if this is Greek yogurt, but it was good! Later I finished the little bit left in the cottage cheese container and gave it to my dog.

I wish I took a picture of my dog licking it. She was shoooo cyute!

Well I’m leaving to Georgia tomorrow at 4pm. Last minute decision which literally happened two hours after we heard the news. I may be working…who knows?

Day 2 of the Dukan Diet (Cont.)

Work again today for only 4 hours (10-2pm). Woo! Kind of.

My sister had work also from 1-5pm so I had to find things to do from the hours of 2-5.


SO. I went to the gym and did Day 29 of the Jamie Eason program.

After that I did a 20 minute interval on the stair master and 10 minutes of easy ellipticalling (?).

I also went grocery shopping for nothing but protein.

 Grocery “Haul”060413184054

All Whites Egg Whites, 2 tubs of Knudsen fat free cottage cheese, 5 Yoplait Vanilla Greek Yogurts, Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese, and Lightlife Smart Ground. I just realized I forgot to picture the fat free cream cheese as well. Whoops.

All fat free! I usually never get Yoplait because of the amount of sugar they usually have, but these ones were good! Only 7 grams! I’m actually pretty excited to try it. I’d never seen the fat free shredded cheddar either and it was excellent.

060413184156I also got some Nasoya Shirataki fettuccine noodles since they are allowed on the diet. Deodorant was purchased as well because no one likes a stinky Rachelle.


I unfortunately didn’t really get to eat lunch. I just had some TVP on me (I know, weird) so I ate that. When I got home, I ate these babies for dinner!

060413180552Chocolate protein pancakes! I topped it with cottage cheese, cinnamon, and stevia. I had a little something savory beforehand that I concocted, but it was so disgusting looking that I decided not to show it. You can thank me later.

I only have one more day of the ATTACK PHASE of the Dukan Diet and I have to say that I can’t wait!

OH! ANNNNDDDD I will be eating meat tomorrow 🙂

Day 2 of the Dukan Diet

I’m just a little tired this morning. My alarm went off at 8 because I have work at 10 (I like the extra time to just relax).


Man this looks disgusting doesn’t it? It actually tasted reallllllyyyy good– like eggnog. A chocolate eggnog.

060413081253In the mix: less than 1/4 cup of fat free lactaid (running low ;( ), sunflower seed milk, chocolate protein powder, 1 1/2 tbsps psyllium husk, a scoop of supergreen ( I thought this would make it taste like crap, but I needed the nutrition, and it actually came out great!), and cinnamon.

Now for the next 30 minutes or so I will spend it reading articles.

Day 1 of the Dukan Diet (Cont.)

Work was very busy today. I felt like I was running around non-stop…and it’s summer…. and I work at my school. I guess it’s better than being bored doing nothing.


Lunch came a little early for me at 12, but I’m not complaining because I was quite grumbly. I had two tofu packages. It’s not exciting, but hey I only have to do this for 2 more days. At least I got 20 grams of freaking protein from it!


I also saw this in one of the kitchen cabinets at my work and it was among a plethora of things people just leave in there for others to take.060313121148 I thought, “Ooh fiber!” and then I saw the expiration date. 2009? Yeah… gross. I threw that sucker right where it belongs, in the trash!

Don’t you hate it when you can hear people smacking their lunch? Especially when it’s pasta? That’s the situation I’m in right now.


After work, which seemed never ending, I headed to the gym and completed the shoulders and abs workout from Jamie Eason’s Live Fit trainer- Day 26. 

This is actually not the first time I’ve done her workouts. I completed her whole 12 week program a while back ago and loved it. I saw muscles I’d never seen before! Toward the end of it I got kind of bored though and some of the workouts made me look a little sheisty at our school gym. Most times when I go to the gym, however, I’ll do a workout from her Live Fit program.

I was originally going to do an interval run, but once I heard that a Zumba class was available I signed up! I was super duper excited and headed to the class after I finished the shoulders part of my workout. We waited there in the room… no instructor. 15 minutes pass and someone comes into tell us that the class is cancelled -__-. Back to the original plan!

This is the interval run from Fitsugar (I’m obsessed with this site). I honestly don’t know why I wrote it down when it’s repeating. I guess it’s good in case I get lost in the moment?

After I did the abs portion.


Got home and this was my dinner:


It’s one of those tofu packages scrambled with a little less than half a cup of Egg Beaters plus spices. It looks unappetizing, but it wasn’t bad.

Now I’m sippin’ on some green tea.

Ugh I can’t wait for this protein phase to be over.

Day 1 of The Dukan Diet

Here’s the kickstarter day of The Dukan Diet! I’m excited… sort of, but only due to the fact that we have like nothing in our fridge at the moment.


This morning I started out with a smoothie of sorts.

day 1 smoothie

In the mix: about a cup of fat free lactaid, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 1/2 tbsps of psyllium husk and a dash of cinnamon. I also had some green tea and water on the side.

With this diet, you have to eat pretty much everything fat free. My protein powder had 1g of fat in it, but who the hell cares. Also on this diet you must take 1 1/2 tbsp of oat bran daily. Well oat bran made me super gassy the first time around so I subbed in the psyllium husk. The shake was not bad and it made me super full thanks to the husk. The only thing that sucked was spooning out the coagulated psyllium shtuff at the bottom of my cup. It was a bit nauseating.

Self- Pictures

Wow, how’s that for an egotistical title?

I didn’t take photos last night of my body (that sounds so weird) so I decided to do it this morning. I felt pretty awkward especially considering I was standing on a chair in the bathroom to take them. It was the only mirror in my house where you wouldn’t see all my crap in it.

Now I NEVER take selfies in the mirror. I feel it’s obnoxious and really… let’s face it, lame.  I’m actually a little embarrassed to post this. However, this is essential for my progress SO… here it is :\

day 1 frontday 1 sideday 1 back

I’m off to work ’til 4!