The Big Attack Phase Reveal

I woke up this morning, excited to see if I had lost any more weight.

I got on the scale and lost….only 0.4 pounds??? Ugh! You’ve got to be kidding me! I thought you were supposed to lose a good chunk on this phase. I must admit, I had to calm myself down a little bit and remind myself a couple things:

Rachelle, you:

  • lost altogether 4 pounds in a week
  • don’t crave sweets anymore
  • are not as hungry as you usually are
  • are finally doing something about your health and are on track to a fitter you

I actually paused on the first thing I wrote. Holy shit, I DID lose 4 pounds in a week. What the hell am I complaining about? The first time around doing this, it felt like I lost more, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve had such a difficult time losing weight that I wasn’t even thankful for the 4 I’ve already lost. I’m so used to the scale going down a “point something” after a week of exercising and eating healthy and finally it’s down 4! I will keep going at this no matter what.

For breakfast this morning I had half a cup of egg whites, tomatoes with basil, 1 smoked turkey deli slice, and fat free cheese all made into an omelet. I also took my 2 tbsps of oat bran and supplemented with the CLA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Flax oil.


Dukan Diet Attack Phase… Again

Like usual, I’m blogging months after my last post. As the title of the post says, I am starting the Dukan Diet all over again from when I attempted it in June. I’ve already passed the 3? 4? days I was on that diet.

The unforeseen circumstances of my grandfather’s death in June led me to drop the diet to be with and eat with family while we mourned his death. You could definitely say it was a rough time and I think I did, for a short time, eat my emotions. I gained 5 pounds :(. However, since then things have been looking up. I have an internship for the fall and I got my sister an internship also. I’ll be singing and dancing in a recital in the fall (I never thought I’d be able to sing in front of anyone). School is starting in 2 weeks and as much as I wish summer kept going, I’m excited to go back to school.

Last Saturday, I met with an old high school friend that I hadn’t seen in about a year. In high school we were about the same weight, but she dropped most of it while I ballooned up. I have no idea why, but seeing her and how successful she was with dropping weight kicked something in my head to try again. And so that night I came home; I walked up to my mom and asked her if she’d be supportive of me trying the Dukan Diet again (I didn’t tell her in June and I also think that’s what made it so hard). To my surprise she said yes and then proceeded to say she would do it with me like we had 2 years ago together. This strategy of doing it with my mom is working so much better for me. I don’t have to be secretive and my mom helps to buy the groceries (while eliminating the usual junk she buys). My boyfriend knows about it, her boyfriend, my sister, and even one of my coworkers. My coworker is even starting on Monday! A strong support system really is the key to any success.

I started on Monday and did the attack phase through Wednesday (the recommended 3 days). I ate some tomatoes and a salad the next day with protein, but my mom suggested I try to stay on the protein phase longer. So after Thursday, I have been eating protein. That makes 5 days. Tomorrow I will start tomorrow on the Cruise Phase!

When it comes to pounds lost, I’ve dropped 3.4 pounds, but I feel like I’ve already stalled. That weight drop was from Wednesday and I haven’t dropped any more since. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and hopefully I will see a difference!

I’m starting to take supplements along with the diet:

  • Flaxseed oil to help with cholesterol and give me omega 3s
  • CLA to help burn the stubborn fat off my stomach
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid which aids in regulating insulin (something that sucks with PCOS)

I’ve also been drinking water and peeing A LOT.

Can’t wait for the weigh in tomorrow morning.

Lazy Sunday

I slept in today! I woke up almost at 11! Today has been a super duper lazy day. My sister and I have just been spending it relaxing and watching TV. House Bunny is currently on 🙂

My arms now hurt from the Matador Boot Camp. Where did that come from?! Back feels much better but my butt still hurts.


Two slices of 8 grain toast with PB and topped with strawberries and cinnamon.


I didn’t really have lunch today mostly because I had a crap load of peanuts.


Dinner was egg whites, sausage, broc and asparagus… and later a chicken enchilada. I guess my appetite came back.062313170031062313182739

Btw, have you had Kombucha? I’ve heard great things about it so my mom and decided to try it.


It’s good when you first drink it, but the aftertaste was disgusting. Maybe I should try another flavor?

The Best 5 Pounds a Woman Can Lose

My sister actually came home early today! Before I go, I just wanted to update my blog.

After my sister and mom left I lounged around, did laundry, and read some articles. Around 10am I had a snack of 2 pork sausages. With it I drank some green superfood powder. 062213110944

Around 1 I decided I’d walk my dog, but I didn’t realize how hot it was for her outside. We went about our usual route and it took about 20 minutes. That’s pretty much my exercise for the day. My back and ass hurt way too much to do much else.

Around 1:45pm I made my lunch.


Three of the pork sausages, the rest of the leftover bell peppers, eggplant, and asparagus I defrosted. I sprinkled it with the leftover fat free cheddar cheese I bought… oh, I don’t know, forever ago?



I drank some almond milk with spices in it. Yummy.

Well I’m off to my boyfriend’s and then my friend’s going away party.

Here’s an article I read earlier. It really struck a chord in me.

The Best 5 Pounds a Woman Can Lose

All Alone at Home

I thought I would sleep in or wake up pretty late today since I went to bed around 2am. Nope. I woke up at 7, almost 8. I guess my biological clock just likes this time.

I’m going to be SO BORED today. My sister took the car to volunteer somewhere and my mom’s taking some Japanese baking class that you have to register for in advance. My sister and I share a car so it really sucks that I can’t go anywhere on this beautiful Saturday. I guess I can walk around the neighborhood, but I’d much rather spend it elsewhere. My sister usually comes home later (like 2 hours later)  than she says she will because “she feels bad and doesn’t want to leave when they need help.” I know, I sound like a big jerk, but c’mon! WE SHARE THE CAR and she doesn’t usually come home until like 4pm– way too late to do something elsewhere in my opinion. I like spending a good chunk of the day.

Anyway, at least I’ll be doing something tonight. It’s one of my really good friend’s going away party. I’m gonna miss him :'(. So let’s talk about last night.

My little sis from the sorority (the one that had the birthday not so long ago) had a surprise bday party yesterday! It was a party for her and two other friends at a fraternity house. It was so much fun because almost my whole little sorority family was there.

And there was cookie cake!IMG955090I definitely had a piece.

Unfortunately my boyfriend didn’t go, but he had fun watching Monsters University with his little fraternity family.

I had so much fun and I’m so glad I went. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a while.


This morning I had some 8 grain toast with fat free cream cheese and 2 sliced strawberries with a drizzle of honey and a lot of cinnamon.

062213081049I also had a banana with the PB stuck to the bottom of the jar that I had to scrape up. It wasn’t mixed very well.



I am now in the midst of drinking bottled green tea.


Yesterday’s Dinner

My mom got home late yesterday, but she had this little number in the fridge for my sister and me to share. It has soba noodles, 4 pieces of tempura over white rice, and the smallest compartment has green beans in it. I only ate about 1/4 of the rice, but I ate most of the soba noodles. My sister and I work that way. It was good, but very small since we had to eat half.


So I also had a small plate of leftover grilled veggies: bell peppers, asparagus, and eggplant. There’s also a small piece of Japanese chashu (pork) and a 1/4 of a fish cake in there. 062113181526

Dessert was a piece of dark chocolate Toblerone.

Can I just say that my back and butt are KILLING me right now from that boot camp I did yesterday? Holy mother of popsicles! I can barely bend over it hurts so much.

Well I’m off to find something to do. Maybe I’ll do a DIY project, clean my room, ugh…. fun.

Jeezus, Where Have I Been?

Today I woke up bright and early thanks to my dog…. again.

Look, dog, I love you, but must you wake me up at 5 in the morning everyday?

Luckily (and unluckily) I don’t have work today so besides me getting up super early, I’m set!

This past week I really haven’t been doing that much of high intensity training. When I went to the beach I did an arms, abs, and 30 minute cardio sesh on the elliptical (My legs were still hurting from my leg workout the day before!) and a shoulders and abs workout the next day. I was going to go swimming rather than do cardio on one of the machines, but that didn’t end up happening. I just didn’t have the energy (I worked extra hours). The day after that (yesterday) I did Pilates and although it was very low intensity– boy, did I need it and feel it! I didn’t realize how tight my legs and hips were! It definitely worked out my hips as well. When I got home I only swam for about 15 minutes.

Fun and awkward fact: I wore my bathing suit to Pilates so that when I got home I could just jump in the pool.

In terms of my appetite, it’s been on the fritz like crazy. I have no idea why, but I feel like I’ve been eating everything in my path. I have a feeling it may be because I’m not eating a lot of veggies or something. Like the day I went to the beach, for lunch I had grilled chicken and lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles from my school (fun fact, the chicken came by itself, I just picked up the veg from the hamburger bar :P). Anyway, we made these nasty turkey bologna sandwiches where the ingredients were bought from the 99 cents store and I ate two! I have no idea why either. I also had chips and potato/ pasta salad. I felt so sick afterwards. Mechanically separated turkey. Yea, not happening again. I’ll take my chances thank you.

Yesterday I didn’t feel as hungry as my other days. I had work from 5-8 but I was working one of our school’s movie nights so my boyfriend and friend just watched the movie when I was done.


Jurassic Park was the movie and I must say, I can’t recall ever watching this movie! Great one though.

I got a “Pura Vida” juice from one of the food trucks. I don’t remember all that was in it, but it had apples, celery, beets, carrots, kale, lemon… and other stuff. It was pricey though! $7 for this cup!


This was technically dinner.

I couldn’t even drink it all during the movie. I was full even though I had only eaten a slice of 8 grain toast with PB and banana at 3pm (it was 8pm).

So I had it this morning for breakfast.


My phone died (I passed out on the couch) so I didn’t take any pics of my brekki. It was fat free cottage cheese with strawberries and 8 grain toast with PB and of course the juice. I also had a small handful of peanuts to snack on. My sister was kind enough to make me some coffee this morning. It was so freaking strong! Turns out it was espresso (did anyone ever pronounce this “expresso?”) and she had put 2 scoops for like less than a 2 cups. I definitely made sure to drink a lot of water with it before heading to the gym.


I’m so happy I went to a class this morning. I attended “Matador Boot Camp” and the instructor knows how to kick your ass! It’s all circuit training but it’s almost like Insanity. My shoulders were still sore from my workout 2 days before and OMG did they burn when we did high-low planks and mountain climbers. Even the instructor was wondering why I couldn’t do them when I usually could. I totally needed it though–especially looking at my workouts from this past week. My legs were all shaky afterwards!

Post Workout

Came home and had this.


One scoop chocolate Met-Rx, 1 tbsp vanilla hemp protein powder, about 1 cup almond milk, and 3 strawberries.


Before eating my lunch I had a spam musubi. I was afraid I’d start craving a lot of food after eating the white rice, but I was ok!


Then the real thing:062113121254

One fried egg, leftover wilted spinach, grilled bell peppers, and eggplant.

I had one piece of dark chocolate Toblerone after.

The Week in Review (In Pictures)

062013065512  061813150934

The Beach:061813161347 061813161404 061813161434 061813163208 061813163218 061813163251My friend’s dog was all over the place in the car if you can’t tell. She’s shoooo cute!!


Boyfriend.061813175508 061813175516 061813180018

The nasty-ass sandwich.061813194624

Lunch from earlier that day061913133403 061913133413 061913133628OH! The meal planning! It worked and didn’t. I don’t think I packed enough food and since I ended up working extra hours that day, it kind of messed me up, leading me to eat those damn bologna sandwiches. Le sigh.

I’ll try to be more active when it comes to posting. I’ve just been coming home late this past week because of work and hanging out.

Sorry this is so freaking long… and kind of pointless. I just like to reflect on shtuff…

Happy First Day of Summer! 😀

Trying Meal Planning

My legs are sooo sore from yesterday’s workout, my god!!!

I just hope I’ll be able to do the 30 minutes of cardio I said I’d do.

As far as meal planning go, I’m already starting out a little differently. For example for breakfast I said I’d have 8 grain bread, leftover Japanese hamburger, and broc.

Well I got the hamburger and broc right, but instead of the bread I decided to go with egg whites since they leave me more satiated.


For my mid morning/ pre-workout snack, I had decided on a half of a banana and a tbsp of sunflower seeds. I ended up bringing a peach because they were starting to go bad. Plus, who just brings half a banana? 061813100259


We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

Waaayy Off the Wagon

I have no idea what has been up with my appetite lately. I start out fine and then I just binge. It’s been something that I’ve been trying to control, but it can be super hard. I think I really need to start planning out my meals.

It sucks, especially when I want to lose weight. I know my efforts are not helping me AT ALL.


Everything started out great. 061713072859

Peanut butter on Japanese 8 Grain toast, sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia and 0% plain Chobani topped with blueberries. This held me over until lunch really well.

I went to work and well… turns out I didn’t have work today, but tomorrow. Crap. My boss gave me hours, luckily, but it totally threw me off. Instead of working in the office like I usually do, I helped my coworkers build a shed in the hot heat.


I had a banana before lunch because I thought I was going to work out immediately after I got off work at noon. Well that didn’t end up happening. I had planned to hang out  and play tennis with my boyfriend after he got off work at 3 and I didn’t want to just do nothing for 3 hours so I ate a legit lunch— tuna sandwich bought at the school’s store.

061713121024 061713121419It was okay. It was actually the first tuna sandwich I’ve bought from there. I usually get an egg sandwich.

Well this is where it started going downhill. One of my coworkers went to Subway and she wanted a cookie. It’s cheaper to buy 3 so she gave one to me while my other coworkers slept. It was so freaking delicious, but definitely didn’t help with my already bad cravings. Once it hit 2pm I went to the gym and did the phase 2 legs workout from Jamie Eason.

After the gym I went to my boyfriend’s fraternity house and we all went to Target where I got a Coconut dipped Luna bar for a post workout snack. Once we got back we played tennis!

Sure, it seems like I had a relatively active day, but I feel like the food I ate when I got back home just negated everything.

I had a crap load of peanuts, pretzels with PB, dried fruit, dark chocolate… yea. It was NOT good. I was already pretty full by dinner time which was this.061713192445

Japanese hamburger, egg, veggies….061713192613

Cod roe pasta which was shared with my mom (we didn’t eat all of it). I couldn’t even finish the burger and I didn’t have much of the spaghetti. I was just too full. I wish I had waited, I just don’t know what happened.

And even after that I managed to sample some Japanese puddings (and eat a whole one). What is up with me?

Product Review

My mom and I saw this at the Japanese market when we went on Saturday.

061713193811That gray milk you see there is goma miruku, or sesame seed milk!

It’s actually really creamy and tasty! Hella expensive though- $7!

I can’t really explain the taste, but all I can say is that it’s super tasty!


Every time I have something sugary, I just can’t control my cravings (which I’ve heard is common with PCOS sufferers?). With PCOS I have an insulin resistance, and why I continue to eat sugar with that, I don’t know. My blood sugar just spikes like crazy. I’m thinking I should just eliminate sugar cold turkey… which has seemed to work well in the past. However it does take me a while to not want it. Over all though, I think this is best for my health and weight loss efforts.

I have ACTUAL work tomorrow from 9- noon (Hopefully my boss doesn’t want me to stay longer).

I think I’ll try the meal planning:

  1. Breakfast- glass of water + rest of my hamburger (it’s small), 8 grain toast, half cup of broc
  2. Pre- workout- water + half a banana with 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds
  3. Workout- Arms + 30 minute cardio
  4. Post workout- water + Chobani with blueberries
  5. Dinner- Sandwiches with veggies (I’ll be bringing from home)

That’s it. I will not have anything off that list. I hope I can do it. Looking at it though, I don’t have a lot of veggies.

My friends, boyfriend, and I will be going to the beach tomorrow so we’ll be making sandwiches for dinner… I guess. Let’s see if this actually works and I feel full.

Wonky Tummy


This morning I had coffee with lactose free milk, cinnamon, and stevia…


An egg and cheese sandwich from the Japanese bakery that was the size of my thumb.061513083810And a curry pan, aka bread with curry inside, also from the Japanese market. I’ve been eating this stuff since I was little and I think you should try it! 061513084725 061513084837About an hour later I was still hungry (probably because I didn’t eat dinner) so I had half of a half ham sandwich which my sister left in the fridge. Why she did this, I don’t understand (it was only a quarter!) This was also from the Japanese market.

I’m going to try and make this a short post since I don’t really feel like writing this morning. I wanted to post something yesterday night but I saw Man of Steel (really good btw and emotionally gripping) and hung out at my boyfriend’s fraternity house until 11:30pm. No one was really there, but it was nice to just be with friends and watch some Youtube videos on the TV.

Yesterday’s Stuff

Anyway here’s what happened at work. My boss and gbig in the sorority went to Greece and brought back some goods like this baklava.

061413101712 061413101753 061413101814

It was really good, but also super sticky! They honey was all over dah place in the wrapper.

She got me and my sister this huge ass Toblerone bar from the Greece airport. Dark chocolate with honey and almond nougat. She knows it’s not Greek, but this was the first time she’d seen this bar and for some reason every time she sees Toblerone, she thinks of us. Probably because we have bought it for her several times.061413110600

It’s really good and the size of a miniature sailboat. I had 2… one before and after lunch :).


Yesterday I had half of an egg salad sandwich (also from the Japanese market) and asparagus I thawed…in the microwave. 061413133453I really wasn’t sure if this was going to fill me up, but it did! And I learned that my stomach really doesn’t need that much to be satisfied.

And hunch back squirrel came back and accompanied me while I ate.

061413134529 061413134524He’s so cute. I think he wants to be my friend.

Later that day…

Like my comic book transition?

I didn’t get to go to the gym yesterday because my boyfriend and our friend went to see Man of Steel.

I also didn’t get to eat dinner yesterday which may explain why my stomach is making extremely weird noises this morning (or the fact I’m drinking coffee from a mug the size of my 7 year old self face). Luckily I had brought some Chobani yogurt in a tuppaware container and a grapefruit for morning and afternoon snacks. (both unpicutred, just the Cho container)

061413080156 I realized both snacks would go bad in the car since we saw a relatively early movie (5:55pm) so I ate it on the ride to the theater at around 4pm. I got full so quickly though! I hate wasting food and I had a good amount of yogurt left in the container and my bf had to convince me to stop eating if I felt full. I really do need to learn how to do that. He helped me finish it even though he hates it. Such a good boyfriend 🙂

I guess that was dinner.

Well this was quite the long post now wasn’t it?

My stomach is continuing to sound like a talking whale. Have a good Saturday, folks.