Lazy Sunday

I slept in today! I woke up almost at 11! Today has been a super duper lazy day. My sister and I have just been spending it relaxing and watching TV. House Bunny is currently on đŸ™‚

My arms now hurt from the Matador Boot Camp. Where did that come from?! Back feels much better but my butt still hurts.


Two slices of 8 grain toast with PB and topped with strawberries and cinnamon.


I didn’t really have lunch today mostly because I had a crap load of peanuts.


Dinner was egg whites, sausage, broc and asparagus… and later a chicken enchilada. I guess my appetite came back.062313170031062313182739

Btw, have you had Kombucha? I’ve heard great things about it so my mom and decided to try it.


It’s good when you first drink it, but the aftertaste was disgusting. Maybe I should try another flavor?


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