Jeezus, Where Have I Been?

Today I woke up bright and early thanks to my dog…. again.

Look, dog, I love you, but must you wake me up at 5 in the morning everyday?

Luckily (and unluckily) I don’t have work today so besides me getting up super early, I’m set!

This past week I really haven’t been doing that much of high intensity training. When I went to the beach I did an arms, abs, and 30 minute cardio sesh on the elliptical (My legs were still hurting from my leg workout the day before!) and a shoulders and abs workout the next day. I was going to go swimming rather than do cardio on one of the machines, but that didn’t end up happening. I just didn’t have the energy (I worked extra hours). The day after that (yesterday) I did Pilates and although it was very low intensity– boy, did I need it and feel it! I didn’t realize how tight my legs and hips were! It definitely worked out my hips as well. When I got home I only swam for about 15 minutes.

Fun and awkward fact: I wore my bathing suit to Pilates so that when I got home I could just jump in the pool.

In terms of my appetite, it’s been on the fritz like crazy. I have no idea why, but I feel like I’ve been eating everything in my path. I have a feeling it may be because I’m not eating a lot of veggies or something. Like the day I went to the beach, for lunch I had grilled chicken and lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles from my school (fun fact, the chicken came by itself, I just picked up the veg from the hamburger bar :P). Anyway, we made these nasty turkey bologna sandwiches where the ingredients were bought from the 99 cents store and I ate two! I have no idea why either. I also had chips and potato/ pasta salad. I felt so sick afterwards. Mechanically separated turkey. Yea, not happening again. I’ll take my chances thank you.

Yesterday I didn’t feel as hungry as my other days. I had work from 5-8 but I was working one of our school’s movie nights so my boyfriend and friend just watched the movie when I was done.


Jurassic Park was the movie and I must say, I can’t recall ever watching this movie! Great one though.

I got a “Pura Vida” juice from one of the food trucks. I don’t remember all that was in it, but it had apples, celery, beets, carrots, kale, lemon… and other stuff. It was pricey though! $7 for this cup!


This was technically dinner.

I couldn’t even drink it all during the movie. I was full even though I had only eaten a slice of 8 grain toast with PB and banana at 3pm (it was 8pm).

So I had it this morning for breakfast.


My phone died (I passed out on the couch) so I didn’t take any pics of my brekki. It was fat free cottage cheese with strawberries and 8 grain toast with PB and of course the juice. I also had a small handful of peanuts to snack on. My sister was kind enough to make me some coffee this morning. It was so freaking strong! Turns out it was espresso (did anyone ever pronounce this “expresso?”) and she had put 2 scoops for like less than a 2 cups. I definitely made sure to drink a lot of water with it before heading to the gym.


I’m so happy I went to a class this morning. I attended “Matador Boot Camp” and the instructor knows how to kick your ass! It’s all circuit training but it’s almost like Insanity. My shoulders were still sore from my workout 2 days before and OMG did they burn when we did high-low planks and mountain climbers. Even the instructor was wondering why I couldn’t do them when I usually could. I totally needed it though–especially looking at my workouts from this past week. My legs were all shaky afterwards!

Post Workout

Came home and had this.


One scoop chocolate Met-Rx, 1 tbsp vanilla hemp protein powder, about 1 cup almond milk, and 3 strawberries.


Before eating my lunch I had a spam musubi. I was afraid I’d start craving a lot of food after eating the white rice, but I was ok!


Then the real thing:062113121254

One fried egg, leftover wilted spinach, grilled bell peppers, and eggplant.

I had one piece of dark chocolate Toblerone after.

The Week in Review (In Pictures)

062013065512  061813150934

The Beach:061813161347 061813161404 061813161434 061813163208 061813163218 061813163251My friend’s dog was all over the place in the car if you can’t tell. She’s shoooo cute!!


Boyfriend.061813175508 061813175516 061813180018

The nasty-ass sandwich.061813194624

Lunch from earlier that day061913133403 061913133413 061913133628OH! The meal planning! It worked and didn’t. I don’t think I packed enough food and since I ended up working extra hours that day, it kind of messed me up, leading me to eat those damn bologna sandwiches. Le sigh.

I’ll try to be more active when it comes to posting. I’ve just been coming home late this past week because of work and hanging out.

Sorry this is so freaking long… and kind of pointless. I just like to reflect on shtuff…

Happy First Day of Summer! 😀


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