Waaayy Off the Wagon

I have no idea what has been up with my appetite lately. I start out fine and then I just binge. It’s been something that I’ve been trying to control, but it can be super hard. I think I really need to start planning out my meals.

It sucks, especially when I want to lose weight. I know my efforts are not helping me AT ALL.


Everything started out great. 061713072859

Peanut butter on Japanese 8 Grain toast, sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia and 0% plain Chobani topped with blueberries. This held me over until lunch really well.

I went to work and well… turns out I didn’t have work today, but tomorrow. Crap. My boss gave me hours, luckily, but it totally threw me off. Instead of working in the office like I usually do, I helped my coworkers build a shed in the hot heat.


I had a banana before lunch because I thought I was going to work out immediately after I got off work at noon. Well that didn’t end up happening. I had planned to hang out  and play tennis with my boyfriend after he got off work at 3 and I didn’t want to just do nothing for 3 hours so I ate a legit lunch— tuna sandwich bought at the school’s store.

061713121024 061713121419It was okay. It was actually the first tuna sandwich I’ve bought from there. I usually get an egg sandwich.

Well this is where it started going downhill. One of my coworkers went to Subway and she wanted a cookie. It’s cheaper to buy 3 so she gave one to me while my other coworkers slept. It was so freaking delicious, but definitely didn’t help with my already bad cravings. Once it hit 2pm I went to the gym and did the phase 2 legs workout from Jamie Eason.

After the gym I went to my boyfriend’s fraternity house and we all went to Target where I got a Coconut dipped Luna bar for a post workout snack. Once we got back we played tennis!

Sure, it seems like I had a relatively active day, but I feel like the food I ate when I got back home just negated everything.

I had a crap load of peanuts, pretzels with PB, dried fruit, dark chocolate… yea. It was NOT good. I was already pretty full by dinner time which was this.061713192445

Japanese hamburger, egg, veggies….061713192613

Cod roe pasta which was shared with my mom (we didn’t eat all of it). I couldn’t even finish the burger and I didn’t have much of the spaghetti. I was just too full. I wish I had waited, I just don’t know what happened.

And even after that I managed to sample some Japanese puddings (and eat a whole one). What is up with me?

Product Review

My mom and I saw this at the Japanese market when we went on Saturday.

061713193811That gray milk you see there is goma miruku, or sesame seed milk!

It’s actually really creamy and tasty! Hella expensive though- $7!

I can’t really explain the taste, but all I can say is that it’s super tasty!


Every time I have something sugary, I just can’t control my cravings (which I’ve heard is common with PCOS sufferers?). With PCOS I have an insulin resistance, and why I continue to eat sugar with that, I don’t know. My blood sugar just spikes like crazy. I’m thinking I should just eliminate sugar cold turkey… which has seemed to work well in the past. However it does take me a while to not want it. Over all though, I think this is best for my health and weight loss efforts.

I have ACTUAL work tomorrow from 9- noon (Hopefully my boss doesn’t want me to stay longer).

I think I’ll try the meal planning:

  1. Breakfast- glass of water + rest of my hamburger (it’s small), 8 grain toast, half cup of broc
  2. Pre- workout- water + half a banana with 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds
  3. Workout- Arms + 30 minute cardio
  4. Post workout- water + Chobani with blueberries
  5. Dinner- Sandwiches with veggies (I’ll be bringing from home)

That’s it. I will not have anything off that list. I hope I can do it. Looking at it though, I don’t have a lot of veggies.

My friends, boyfriend, and I will be going to the beach tomorrow so we’ll be making sandwiches for dinner… I guess. Let’s see if this actually works and I feel full.


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